At 18 years old, singer/songwriter Jade Latrice is making her name known in the R&B industry as a rising artist whose voice is mature beyond her years. She has a shy and soft-spoken demeanor, but when the microphone turns on and the music starts, a lyrical artist begins to perform with depth, emotion, and profound confidence. “There are many things that inspire me but singing is really a way for me to express myself. It’s an outlet that helps me learn and grow,” she added.

With a seasoned voice, Jade Latrice connects with young listeners by performing cover songs and, most recently, three original singles. After her debut single, “I Like It,” introduced her to the industry, her sophomore single, “Make It Home,” has given her staying power among other young artists as fans relate to her.

Her third release “Somebody To Somebody” perfectly encapsulates how Jade Latrice translates her thoughts into sound. With a groove-packed foundation of broken-beat drums, syncopated bass, and emotive synthesis, the track perfectly compliments Jade’s ever-soulful, always-smooth vocal performance. It’s soulful to the core, with lyrics that exert an air of relatability as they narrate the constant push and pull that comes with all relationships. With her recent single release ” I Choose Me” Boasting with incredible vocals, the young singer shares sincere emotions and thoughts with her audience, saying that “it’s about time I realize my worth” “I Choose Me is finding that peace of mind and happy life while going through life’s ups and downs. Take care of  YOU always.”

With Jade Latrice’s Latest release “Pull Up”, you’ll be sure to know that she is on her way to the next level.

-Jade Latrice